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Artist Development Network Inc. provides aspiring singer/songwriters a concrete and realistic path to success in the music business. Located in Nashville TN, ADN has all the tools that the “hopefuls� need to get the label attention required to advance their careers.

Come to Nashville. It takes just a little more than a week to get you on the road to success. We carefully match our artists with award winning songwriters to produce top quality co-written songs. 10-12 songs are usually written in a matter of days. The best 3 songs are chosen, and it’s off to the studio.

Depending on your budget, we will enlist the services of an appropriate producer. Any producer that is part of the ADN team will deliver an outstanding recording for you. The difference in cost is directly related to how many gold & platinum records your producer hangs on his wall. After your best 3 songs are recorded you will have professional photos and fashion experts to help you put together a stunning package that can be used to shop your photos, recordings & bio to the major labels. And while it should go without saying, the shopping of your music is THE most essential ingredient in the comprehensive ADN package. Great songs & great photos need legs and influence to be heard and auditioned. The goal here is always to get you that once-in-a-lifetime audition at a recording label. Your songs and photos are nice calling cards, but you, in the office of a major label for an “in-person� audition is the way careers are made.

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