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Beginning in January of 2009, Digital Tour Bus is the only All-Access Pass that brings fans behind the scenes and into the home-away-from-home of touring musicians and bands. With countless miles and endless horizons ahead of them, the touring vehicle that gets bands from gig to gig is just as vital as the band members themselves.

Bands are known for their creativity on the stage, but what few realize is the creativity that bands must first put into their home on wheels. Though some bands are fortunate enough to travel in the luxury of a tour bus, a majority of touring musicians find themselves creating makeshift living and traveling quarters out of unlikely vehicles. For some, that means traveling in a beat up old car with their merchandise packed into the trunk or even a 15-passenger van (likely with the floors littered with dirty clothes, fast food remains, and empty water bottles). No matter what ride they are cruising in, a band’s wheels can hold just as much personality as the band members rolling along on them.

Owner and founder, Josh Weidling, started the website after having attended, worked, and promoted countless local shows. Working with a wide variety of bands, ranging from regional bands on their very first tour to international superstars, it soon became evident to Weidling that one thing remained constant regardless of their level of success – every band lives on the road and has a unique story to tell about their rolling digs.

After getting a glimpse into the backstage lives of touring bands through his promotions company and previous editorial work, Weidling decided it was time to make a more personal connection from their lifestyle to the lives of their beloved fans. With a camera in one hand and his dreams in the other, Weidling hit the ground running with his idea of personalized bus tours. Weidling’s “little” idea has officially evolved into a full-scale project covering the tour buses, mini-buses, RVs, and tour vans of both Indie label, Major label and unsigned acts. Whatever the band chooses to roll up in on filming day quickly becomes the hot spot of the day.

Although Digital Tour Bus has only recently celebrated its first birthday this past January, the archives already boast over 220 video tours. Whether you’re into Boys Like Girls, A Day to Remember, or Bowling For Soup – Digital Tour Bus has got something for everyone, by covering nearly every genre, every age group, and every musical demographic you could desire.

So what makes Digital Tour Bus so unique? Well, besides giving you a personalized tour of the band’s headquarters, each video also gives you a one-on-one session with the band in the comfort of their own “home.” No cue cards, no time to tidy up – Digital Tour Bus keeps it real and keeps it gritty. Digital Tour Bus brings it home, by bringing YOU into your favorite bands home-away-from-home. Their wheels may not be much of a distinguishing feature, with so many bands on the road today, but what does make each tour so unique is the diversity of personalities appearing in every single video. Digital Tour Bus’ owner states, “Even though it is called Digital Tour Bus, the most important thing in the video isn’t the vehicle, but the people in the video. Each band member brings a different personality to the table.” Digital Tour Bus is finally here to show the good, the bad, the ugly, the amazing and the downright unbelievable lives of your favorite musicians. Digital Tour Bus is only just getting started.

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