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Retirement in the Philippines

May 23, 2011

Permanently settling in the Philippines has been a common decision by foreigners especially the westerners. If you get to ask them why they have chosen our country, they will give you the same common answers.

One of the most common reasons they bear out is the low cost of living. Their dollar savings could give them flexibility with how far their money goes given the right opportunities. Hiring a house helper, a driver or a gardener is only a rich man’s treat way back in their country of origin. In the Philippines, an average retiree can hire them all at once. Moreover, properties here in the Philippines are very affordable. Houses, condominiums, and apartments come with different but reasonable prices. Most of the time, perks and discounts are almost always present especially if you get to deal with a good broker. Free appliances or free living room set, for instance, are one of the bonuses offered by real estate agents and/or the property developer themselves

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