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Classically designed accoutrement has been given an updated and artistic appeal with the Lugo Pilario⢠2010 collections. Ringing in the new decade, Lugo Pilario⢠is a toast to vintage with a verdant excitement for creative novelty and eccentric design. Vintage chic for the contemporary couple, Lugo Pilario⢠focuses on fresh designs that excite and entice the eye. Luxurious materials and stunning quality is a standard for all Lugo Pilario⢠designer goods, while a fusion of history and modernity takes tradition on a path of innovation. Lugo Pilario⢠has proud expertise in transforming the traditional accessory into bold, imaginative and inspiring works or art.

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In Los Angeles? Alice Neel at L.A. Louver. Check it out and be inspired. lugopilario.com

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